Airlines and Reservations

A photo of a self check in station.To make a reservation to fly from Flint's Bishop International Airport, please click on the associated airline website, phone one of the numbers listed below, or call your local travel agent.

Remember:  Online, you can only find fares for Allegiant on their own websites.  You will not find them on sites like Kayak or Expedia.

Links to Airline Reservations
  Airline Toll Free Local Airline Details
Allegiant Air Logo, containing the word allegiant and a rising yellow and orange sun in place of the dot on the I. All letters are lower case and blue. (702) 505-8888 Allegiant FNT
American Airlines Logo, contaning two As with a aviation symbol of two crossing wings inbetween and the words American Airlines under the As. The A and American are a red color, while the aviation, next A, and Airlines is a blue color. There isn't any spacing between the two words. (800) 433-7300 American FNT
United Airlines Logo, containing the word United with all capital letters and a blue square with a white lined globe next to United word. The box and letters are a light blue. (800) 864-8331 United FNT
Delta Airlines Logo, containing a red delta greek symbol with a line through it up to a point to make the upper part of the symbol like that of navigation. The word Delta following the symbol. The symbol is red and the word Delta is blue and in all capitals. (800) 221-1212 Delta FNT

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