Real-Time Fight Information

Departure Information

Airline FLT # Departing to Time Gate Remarks
Airline: United logo Flight #: 3807 Departing to: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 4:51pm Gate: Remarks: Now 4:58P
Airline: United logo Flight #: 3728 Departing to: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 6:02am Gate: Remarks: On-time
Airline: American logo Flight #: 3694 Departing to: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 7:12am Gate: Remarks: On-time

Arrival Information

Airline FLT # Arriving from Time Gate Remarks
Airline: Allegiant logo Flight #: 3162 Arriving From: LasVegas Scheduled: 5:37pm Gate: 8 Remarks: On-time
Airline: Allegiant logo Flight #: 3169 Arriving From: PuntaGorda/Ft Scheduled: 9:41pm Gate: 7 Remarks: On-time
Airline: United logo Flight #: 3904 Arriving From: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 11:17pm Gate: Remarks: On-time
Airline: American logo Flight #: 3573 Arriving From: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 11:18pm Gate: Remarks: On-time

*All flight information is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please contact your airline. Updated at: 10/03/2022 05:27pm.

What Travelers are Saying!

A much better option than Detroit or Lansing. Someone here posted a comment on the TSA people being friendly. I 100% agree with that. Like all of us, I have to be courteous and nice, even when doing my job. Nice to know they are, too.

- Ken M.