Route Map

A route map of all the nonstop flights from Flint Bishop Airport. The map is of the United States of America, with the western side of the map is darker blue and the eastern side has a white gradiant over the blue to make it lighter. There is the main point in the city of Flint in Michigan from which all routes are coming out of. From western to eastern, the route lines start with a route from Flint to Minneapolis in red, with the next being three from Flint to Chicago (both O R D and M D W airports) in green, purple, and orange. The nex route is from Flint to Tampa Bay (the T P A airport), the route is orange color and is labeled as only seasonal. The next line is from Flint to Atlanta, the route line is red. The next route line is from Flint to Tampa Bay (St. Pete airport or P I E), the route line is yellow. The following route line from Flint to Punta Gorda (P G D airport) and the line is yellow. The proceeding lines both go to Orlando from Flint, with the first going to the Sandord aiport (S F B) and is yellow, while the second is going to M C O airport and is both orange and labeled as seasonal. The final route line on the map goes from Flint to Ft. Myers (R S W) airport, the line is orange and this stop is labeled as seasonal. The route map image also contains a key to the routes in the center and lower part of the United States, mostly situated over Texas. The key contains two columns, the first being colored boxes to symbolize the color of the route lines. The second contains the logos of the airlines they represent. In the first row there is a yellow box and the alligent airlines logo. The second row is a green box and the American Airlines logo. The next row contains a red box and the Delta airlines logo. The 4th row is an orange box and the Southwest Airlines logo proceeding. The last row contains a purple box with the United Airlines logo next to it.

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